Building work on Oxford Science Enterprise Zone

As reported by The Oxford Times, building work has begun on the Oxford-based Enterprise Zone. This is great news, as the Enterprise Zone could bring a welcome £9m per year boost to the economy and create 8,400 jobs by 2015.

The Enterprise Zone, which includes Harwell and Milton park is to be created by the Government following a successful bid from Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

Speaking of the Enterprise Zone, Managing Director of James Dipple stated,  “The redevelopment of building 182 is giving our current occupiers the room to expand and grow, as well as creating extra space so new organisations can move to the estate.

“Creating jobs is the primary reason for the Government selecting regions such as ours for enterprise zone status.

“As well as the direct employment benefits, we expect to see wider knock-on job creation as the local community expands to support increased business occupation.”

It is hoped that the work will be finished by January.

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