Budget cuts could transform scientific research, UK

As reported by The Guardian, scientists may be forced to share laboratories and find ways fund their own equipment as a result of the government’s decision not to fund four major science projects The four projects, as outlined by the science minister, David Willets include:

  • A national supercomputing service for developing drugs and modelling climate change
  • A computer science centre at the Daresbury research and innovation campus in Cheshire
  • Redevelopment of the Institute for Animal Health
  • Upgrades to facilities at the Rothera research station in Antarctica

Cuts to hardware and facilities budgets could potentially drastically change scientific research in the UK. It is feared that the more sophisticated equipment will be funneled towards top universities and government institutions.

Lower ranking universities could also bear the brunt as money troubles mean that both research and teaching are under threat because the universities simply cannot afford to replace their old lab equipment.

To find out more about this recent announcement, please visit The Guardian website.


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