Biotech Jobs in France Given Boost

Biotechnology Jobs, Biotechnology Recruitment, CK Science, UKThe global pharmaceutical company, Sanofi-Aventis, is set to invest over 150 million Euros to improve its biotechnology manufacturing facilities in France. The move will give a good boost to biotechnology jobs in France.

Biotech jobs will be created through a shift in chemical activities in France towards biotechnology and vaccine production by 2014.

The pharmaceutical company plans to create a new biosynthetic process in the plants of Saint-Aubin-Les-Elbeuf, in North Western France, and Vertolaye, in central France, in order to improve its global competitiveness on corticosteroid output. As a result there will be many biotechnology jobs created.

This biotechnology job creation will be off-set by plans to close the companies Romainville plant, in North Western France, by the end of 2013. Sanofi have said that this closure will be accompanied by a ‘job stimulus plan’.

Philippe Luscan, Head of Industrial Affairs stated, “There is a balance between a reduction in chemical jobs and a rise in biotechnology jobs, so the number of jobs will be steady overall.”

The project will also bring about measures to improve career progression by implementing biotechnology training programmes for 700 employees. This will be facilitated through a partnership with French Universities.

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