Benefits of becoming a contractor

Many people choose to work as a contractor as opposed to working on a permanent basis, but why did they decide to leave their permanent role and what made them make the leap? Here are a few reasons why many people consider contracting as a great option:

1. Financial reward

It is widely acknowledged that contracting pays more than the permanent market, particularly for premium skills that are high in demand. This makes it an extremely attractive option.

2. Job satisfaction

Contracting provides complete freedom to choose where to work and what area to work in. If you’re unhappy with what you’re doing or the direction you’re moving in, just simply finish your contract, update your CV and find a new challenge.  You are in complete control.

3. Flexible working

Contracting does provide the option to take long holidays between contracts enabling you to travel for longer periods or take career breaks. But make sure you save enough money each month to account for the period of time that you may not be working.

4. Location

As a career contractor you have the option to work wherever you want, if you wanted to work for 6 months in Switzerland at a global pharmaceutical organisation then this could be a reality.

5. Training/career progression

Unfortunately, some companies are restricted on how much training and development they can offer their employees. Without training and career progression, job satisfaction and morale can plummet. However, if you become a contractor you choose where to work and what to work on. You can up skill yourself by attending training courses and buy any training material you choose.

6. Experience

If you are relatively new to the science industries then contracting on a temporary basis in the science market gives you the opportunity to gain experience in different environments using a diverse range of skills and techniques. Contractors tend to gain a really good insight into different company cultures, processes, operations and structures.

At a more senior level, you can enter a new organisation as the ‘industry expert’, which is not only a nice position to be in, it also adds to your credibility as an industry professional, widens your experience further and helps increase your daily rate.

A wealth of experience from a spectrum of environments can make you very attractive to potential employers.

7. Contracting options

As a contractor you can decide how you want to work, you have the option to work for an umbrella company which can provide some flexibility and reduce some of your administrative duties for a cost.

You also have the option to work as a limited company where you are responsible for your own employment responsibilities and this option can give you more flexibility to manage your own finance, contractual and tax affairs. Find out more about your contracting options here


If you are thinking about becoming a contractor, here at CK, not only are we committed to helping you find the right contract scientific job quickly and easily, but we support you personally throughout your assignment too.

Find out more about contracting with CK here

Written by Tenni Cole-Etti, find out more about Tenni here



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