Anti-aging hope for Vitamin D

As reported by Pharmiweb,  current research suggests that Vitamin D supplements may have wide-ranging anti-ageing properties including the preservation of eyesight. The research is still at an early stage however research scientists believe it could have important implications for human health. Boosting the intake of vitamin D may have broad anti-ageing effects and in particular help prevent loss of vision and blindness in older people.

During the research study middle-aged mice treated with the vitamin for six weeks underwent changes in their eyes that led to improved vision. Levels of amyloid beta, a toxic protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease and known to be a hallmark of ageing, were also reduced in the animals’ eyes and blood vessels.

Lead scientist Professor Glen Jeffery, from the Institute of Ophthalmology at University College London, said: “Finding that amyloid deposits were reduced in the blood vessels of mice that had been given vitamin D supplements suggests that vitamin D could be useful in helping to prevent a range of age-related health problems, from deteriorating vision to heart disease.”

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