A Biorenewables Development Centre has opened in York

The BBC has reported that the Bio renewables Development Centre (BDC) a new facility designed to make the UK a world leader in green chemistry has opened at the University of York.

The Bio renewables Development Centre (BDC) hopes to bridge the gap between laboratories and the chemicals industry. This is essential as chemicals derived from plants are expected to play an important role in the future as oil supplies decline. The centre received £2.5m funding from the government.

The centre’s director, Joe Ross, said the facility aimed to help the industry make the transition from petroleum-based chemicals to renewable feedstocks. “At the University of York, we have had two centres – one based in biological sciences, the other in chemistry – that are doing a lot of R&D within what we call biorenewables, so using plants or microbes to make useful stuff……….over recent years, we have realised that we need to have a centre that allows us to scale-up that process. And the result is the BDC.”


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