41% Capital Expenditure Science and Engineering Cuts

iStock_000006963239Medium1-300x299As reported by Nature.com, science bodies in the UK have learnt that they will have to absorb cuts of 41% to their capital expenditure (funds put towards building, maintenance and equipment).

These science cuts will be added to those already announced by Chancellor George Osborne in October.

Speaking of the cuts, Bob Ward of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change stated, “this Government is committed to efficiency, prioritisation and reform. We shall delay capital investment to maximise investment in research projects and in people undertaking research”.

The government have assured that they will shield medical research and certain projects such as the Diamond Light Source in Oxfordshire and the proposed UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation in London. In addition, subscriptions to international programmes such as Cern and the European Southern Observatory will be maintained.

The science budget is also ring-fenced for the following four years, which according to Mr Willetts, will provide “stability, security and the ability to plan.”

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