3 Reasons to Employ a Job Hopper

If you’re discarding candidates just because of their chequered career history – you may well be missing a trick! Some argue that these candidates may be harnessing some of the best talent around.

Most people in their 20’s tend to switch jobs every 18 months or so, whilst those in their 30’s who have the most successful careers are doing so just as often.  So, you find the idea of employing a job hopper disparaging – you might just have to change your mindset because, in fact these employees are generally more productive and satisfied than those that stay in the same job for years on end.

So why do job hoppers make the best employees?

1. Job hoppers brains stay alive

Once you’ve been in your job for two years, you’ve pretty much learnt all there is to learn. This is the point when job hoppers will move on. The challenge of moving to new roles and new environments keeps them intellectually stimulated at work.

2. Job hoppers are high performers

Job hoppers are always aware that within the next year or so they will be swapping jobs. Therefore, in order to keep their CV’s in the best spec, they will perform to a consistently high basis.  Not only this, but they are fully aware that any future opportunities are dependent on the range of skills they can pick up in their current job.

3. Job hoppers are more stable

In today’s market, many believe that you shouldn’t rely on company’s to provide you with stability. It’s pretty much down to you these days. You need to believe in yourself, understand where you want to be and how you can get there.  A great way to really take a hold of your career stability is to use your network  as effectively as you can. After all this is how most people land jobs.

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