Investment in the Life Sciences Industry

2014 was a very positive year for the Life Sciences industry with large amounts of new capital raised to support further research and development and expansion. During the year $883 was raised through venture capital funding, while a further £1,975 was raised on the London Stock Exchange giving a total of $2.86m.

The VC funds were raised across 71 rounds with over $500m raised by the biotechnology companies. Large amounts of capital were also raised by the diagnostic and medical devices companies. Over 56% of the total funds raised were for companies in the golden triangle of Oxford, Cambridge and London highlighting the importance of these regions within the life sciences sectors. However just over 10% of the funding raised from VC funds was directed at smaller enterprise  finance, ie below $5m.

Nearly $2 billion was raised on the London Stock Exchange, with over $1.5 billion, by the biotech, pharma and speciality pharma sectors and $200m by the medical devices industry. The rest was raised by smaller offerings in the diagnostics, CRO and research sectors. One company Circassia Pharmaceuticals raised over $200m alone.

A large amount of finance for Life Science Companies was also raised from funds investing in IP commercialisation.

2015 has also started very positively with organisations raising additional investment, and this additional funding in conjunction with the generous tax climate and the world class academic and research base will strengthen the continued growth in the life sciences industry over the forthcoming years.

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