CK’s Biotech campaign: Progressing your career in Research and Development

As part of our biotechnology campaign we are reviewing a selection of careers that are available to you if you wish to progress a career in the biotech industry. Today we are looking at furthering a career in research and development.

With the aging population in the UK and global population rises, there’s an increasing need for new medicines, sustainable food sources and sustainable energy.  Research and Development is key to solving these problems, and biotechnology is at the forefront of this research, which means the number and variety of vacancies will increase.

So it’s a great time to be involved with the biotech industry, with loads going on, from new biologics drugs in the pipeline and start ups producing next-generation medical devices, to sustainable food production using tissue culture and fermentation.

Sarah Farrow has made a short video giving advice and tips on how to progress your career in the biotech industry.

Watch Sarah’s video here

We have also just launched a survey to gain a better understanding of where you are in your career and to establish how CK Science can improve their biotech recruitment. If you would like to help us, please complete our survey

Biotech Survey


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